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Can you accept that what you do can have an effect that spreads far and beyond the instantaneous results that you witness? Is it possible for you to imagine that, similar to the butterfly effect talked about as a basic understanding of mental physics problems, when you take an action there can be, and very often is, a ripple effect that spreads sometimes further than you could possibly imagine?

The butterfly effect is a basic example of Chaos Theory. In short, a butterfly beats its wings somewhere at sometime and this tiny movement of air sets about a whole chain of events that 3 weeks later sparks a hurricane. I know it sounds mental but scientifically it’s sound. Theoretically it is possible.

Anyway, I believe we are all contributors to our own butterfly effects. A set of circumstances sparked by an action we take that results in something happening that we can have no possible way of forecasting, yet we were a critical part of.

As an example, I recently worked with a dance teacher. She helps kids in so many ways but her main focus is to help the kids become more confident. Can you imagine the ripples that causes? It’s easy to see how the effects of her work can spread far beyond a dance studio, far beyond an end of term show and far beyond just being confident on stage. Technically, the ripples she starts for some kids may actually never end. They’ll be rippling until their last breath!

Ask yourself tonight what ripples do you cause? And are your ripples positive or negative?

It’s a massively inspiring thought, if you can grab it, to conceive that an action you take today has a lasting effect that makes a difference long, long after your input is finished. I don’t give a toss if you work in customer service or you drive an ambulance, you have opportunities to change someone’s world every day. Go take them.

Is it possible for one person to change the whole world? I dunno really, but I do know it has to start somewhere. What if, in some way, it starts with you?

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