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Its interesting how sometimes its when we are pushed to our very limits and the unexpected happens that we are pasked to prove ourselves.

I was watching the footage of the terrible events in Boston over the last few days and every time I watch it I think the same thing. I don’t know if you have noticed it yet?

When the blast happens, watch the people. Some fall, some keep going with their run and don’t look back, some run away finding energy from somewhere deep inside. But watch the number of people who, in a moment of no thoughts, shock and surprise, turn and run directly towards the blast before the smoke has even settled.

I honestly do not know, in that situation, what I would have done. I would like to think I would have done whatever I could to help but in that moment, would I have found the courage to run towards a bomb blast with no way of knowing if there was going to be another?

What is it that makes us do that? Is it the ultimate altruism; a want to help our fellow man no matter the cost? Is it stupidity; a blatant disregard for your own safety? Is it courage; an ability to perform even in the face of extreme fear? What is it?

I honestly don’t know. But it humbles me whatever it is. I can’t help but look at all those yellow jackets, runners, spectators and everyone else who immediately start climbing over fences with a shared purpose. To help those who need it.

I ask you, when faced with the choice, would you have run towards it or away from it? Makes you think doesn’t it?

My thoughts and good wishes to anyone directly affected by these events.

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