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There are moments that happen in everyone’s life where everything changes. Too often though we focus on the dark times that shaped things so let me ask you to look at something else tonight;

What are the pivotal moments of success in your life?

It’s an amazing experience to think back through your life and realise all the amazing individual moments that have shaped who you are today. Not to sit there and go ‘yeah, I did pretty well at school’ or ‘I was lucky to get that first job’ or whatever it is for you but to actually really pick through your life and acknowledge every little success, achievement, moment of clarity and amazing decision and appreciate how it felt and what it has done for your life.

Think about it now. Go back, all the way back to just about 15/16 years old and think it through. What are the ten most special moments of success in your life that you just are delighted, grateful and privileged to have lived? They don’t all have to be huge, mind blowing things. Many times these times are also simple, very personal moments and there is even the chance no one else realises how important it was.

Maybe that time you plucked up the courage to ask that special someone out and they said yes, maybe that amazing interview that got you that job, maybe taking that risk that one time that really paid off, maybe that chance meeting with someone important that changed your life forever. Maybe it was all these and maybe, for you, it’s something completely different.

There was this one time, not long after my wife had fallen pregnant for the first time, when I really needed a proper job. I was working in a pub at the time and it just wasn’t going to ever be secure enough to raise a family. I’d never even set foot in an office never mind work in one but still I trooped along for an interview in an office in Glasgow. I gave what I thought was an pretty damn good interview but my lack of experience was tangible. A lady called Moira Mitchell interviewed me that day and it was Moira that phoned me a couple of days later to tell me that, although I had little experience, that she was willing to take a chance because she thought I had ‘something’.

I don’t think Moira will ever truly understand how her taking that chance on an unexperienced, skinny kid fae Paisley changed everything for me. This moment of success pushed my life in a whole new, amazing and incredible direction that not only led to more amazing moments of success but has also directly led me to be able to be sitting here, writing this for you now.

These moments are special and it is amazing how seldom we ever let ourselves really enjoy them, relive them and use them as fuel for our future. So ask yourself now, just take a minute or two – mute the telly and if you are really keen write them down – what are the 5 most amazing moments of success that, for one reason or another, changed your life for the better? Moments you will never, ever forget. Now, as you think about them, remember how awesome they made you feel.

Feels amazing doesn’t it? Success? So, ask yourself now, what do you need to do next to allow yourself to get that feeling again?

I feel a BreakThrough coming on…Woohoo!!

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