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For a long time I’ve spoken about excitement and anxiety being neighbours, they live right next door to each other as feelings. They both mainly use the same neuro chemical, released from the same place and they both have very similar physiological effects.

Yesterday I realised something else that’s similar, they both have a basis in the same language.

I’ve spoken many times about anxiety being rooted in the question ‘What if…?’. Think about anxiety and times in the past you’ve been anxious, I bet you’ve asked ‘What if…?’ and then thought of something, we can easily call, crap! ‘What if I fail?’, ‘What if I get hurt?’, ‘What if the world turns inside out and explodes?’.

But excitement is also rooted in ‘What if..?’ isn’t it? It’s just the destination is different. Think of something crap = anxiety. Think of something cool = excitement.

So, all we need to do to turn ourselves into excited little energiser bunnies rather than squirmy balls of anxiety is to change our mental destinations? Is it that simple?

Let me ask you something, what if all the things you think are making you anxious are just a simple little shift away from being excitement? What if you’ve read it wrong and put the wrong label on the feeling? What if you imagined being who you want to be and feeling amazing about it?

Exciting, isn’t it? 🙂

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