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Are you the type of person who sets all sorts of resolutions over the next two days and then spends the next 363 beating yourself up because they never happened?

For most people these next few days are the absolute worst to set any sort of goal yet they tend to be the only time you ever do it. Think about it, you’re tired, emotional and reflective and you are simply in no fit state to be deciding how to change your life.

Here’s a tip; set yourself an intention. Think about 1st January 2014 and imagine who you would like to be on that day. In one years time would you like to be fitter, stronger, wiser, richer, something else? Who is the ‘you’ that wakes up this day next year? Now hold that image in your head and commit to being that you in one years time.

There is no rush but there is a deadline. One year from today. Life, at the very least, moving in the right direction and at its best exactly where you want it to be. What would be the first change you need to make now? And when and where do you start?

Just take a first tiny baby step and watch. It’ll lead to big things…promise.

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