“The most life changing, amazing week of my life.”

“I came for work and quickly realised I was also here for me.  A fascinating ride through the mind which has changed me forever”

“Brian was right, nothing will ever be the same again.  I feel like my brain has been given a really good clean.  I can’t wait to get back to the office!  Change is about to happen.”

There are many reasons to do an NLP Practitioner Course however, in our experience, we find that there are three main reasons people want to learn this incredible set of skills, insight and knowledge. 

Training and Teaching – The ability to convey information in a way that others can easily understand and assimilate is the aim of every excellent teacher, whatever they teach. You might be a teacher of technical skills in a workplace or a subject at school, college or university, it may be yoga or it may just be you teaching life to your own kids. They say that when someone teaches, two people learn but only if the teacher knows how to have their message heard and understood. Teaching is about communication and that’s why a NLP Practitioner qualification is invaluable to all who want to communicate exceptionally

Leadership and Management – The pressure of being a model of excellence can weigh on even the broadest shoulders. When the buck stops with you at every turn and people look to you to make the most effective and insightful decision and never get it wrong it is important to be able to manage and control your own internal state of mind and body. It is also a vital component of every effective leader to be able to delegate, motivate and inspire their people. NLP Practitioner is the skillset of the world’s greatest leaders and motivators and will set you above even the closest competition.

Coaching and Therapy – It is a noble and humbling thing to meet someone who wants to give their time to help others. Many of us do it without thinking and many of us, in doing that, display, purely by accident, key elements of NLP.  The ability to build connection, the ability to create change merely through conversation, the ability to engage and capture attention, the ability to give someone the courage to change. NLP was modelled on the world’s greatest change experts. Those experts were doing what came naturally which is why you can learn it so easily.  If you are already a natural people helper an NLP Practitioner qualification will make you a natural expert people helper.

But there is one element that all of our delegates get, whichever reason they come, in addition to this. One other benefit and a reason why many of people choose to study NLP. They choose to help themselves.

Helping Yourself We are passionate about people and that means that everything we do is there to help you not only learn skills but also to help you grow, develop and become, even a little bit, more awesome than you were when you first walked in to the room. Often people arrive on NLP Practitioner because of their job or to develop themselves professionally and in the end, they leave with the heaps of new knowledge they were looking for and it transforms the way they work, the way they interact and the way they relate to other people forever. But the biggest feedback we get is always about the changes to them as people; transforming their relationships, inspiring new career paths and visions, making dreams come true. We think of it as an unlocking – that special you was always in there, you just needed permission to show them to the world.

What We Cover

NLP Practitioner is a jam packed seven day course and it is impossible to detail everything we cover on one page. Our course is also heavily delegate led and will sometimes change to suit the group and ensure that everyone gets what they need. In saying that, there are a core of things that we will always ensure you leave with and these are shown below. 

If you want to find out more about these things or how NLP Practitioner can help you then just give us a call or drop us an email using the Contact Button on the side there.

  • Rapport – The key relationship building skill behind every expert communicator. 
  • Outcomes – How to ensure any goal or outcome is installed in your mind (or the mind of someone else) in a way that inspires you, motivates you and makes it easy to achieve.
  • Patterns of Language – Effortlessly influence any conversation to create incredible outcomes (some say, you can even win any argument!)
  • Milton Model – Learn the ambiguous, trance inducing language of hypnosis and use it to create change at the deepest level.
  • Meta Model – Ask the key, direct questions that move people from stuck to choice in seconds.
  • Submodalities – Change someone’s internal neurological coding in minutes and create massive and instant shifts in behaviour.
  • Swish Pattern – Change lifelong habits and eradicate unwanted feelings in seconds.
  • Representational Systems – Hear and utilise the hidden linguistic clues in language.
  • Strategies – Elicit, decipher, install and redesign the repeatable behavioural patterns every human being uses to go about their life.
  • Anchoring – Install incredible unconscious trigger devices in any context that will immediately trigger your choice of feeling or state in you, an audience or another person.
  • Perceptual Positions – How to effortlessly influence and facilitate huge shifts in perception by changing unconscious filters.
  • Parts – Permanently silence any emotional and damaging internal conflict once and for all including addictions, anxiety, indecisiveness and procrastination.
  • TimeLine Interventions – The fastest way to incredible, lifelong change. Travel back in ‘time’ and set yourself (or anyone else) free from the pain of the past.

Next Course

Our Next NLP Practitioner Course is being held in Glasgow from Saturday 5th – Friday 11th May.


For the full seven days, certification, your beautiful manual, meeting all the amazing people that are going to do it with you, and all of our incredible jokes the current cost is £1597 (inc VAT)


To book please email Karen@headstrongnlp.com or you can pay your deposit below and one of the team will be in touch to take you through everything you need to do and know. 

Please note: NLP Practitioner is carried out by our sister company The Scottish Centre of NLP and we promise any emails from them, especially the lovely Allison, are OK to respond to!