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Late Night Musing: what does it mean to believe in yourself? I mean, we say the phrase like we know what it means yet, for most of us, we don’t. We know how it feels (or doesn’t) but we never think about what we actually do to get that feeling.

Here’s my thoughts, for what they are worth. Self belief, like many things, is a process. A doing thing that you are actively involved in. It’s again, like confidence, not a commodity. I can’t buy it, I do it. I can’t trade it, I feel it.

But how? Well, it’s simple. When you approach a task or context with a picture running in your head that tells you that, without doubt, you are going to do the thing you want to do then you get the feeling of self belief.

However, what many of us do is we run pictures of doing well with an internal commentary that tells us that there is no way this is going to happen and we are actually rubbish. There’s a flaw in that strategy!

Your thoughts and self talk are under your control. No-one expects you to be perfect all the time. Always do your best, no-one can ever ask anything more. It’s easy to believe in yourself when your expectation is to only ever do the best you possibly can. You can’t do anything more or less, can you?

I believe…

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