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You know, your mind is a very, very amazing machine yet, at it’s most basic level, it is nothing more than a bunch of chemicals and some electricity. I suppose that makes it even more amazing but you get what I mean!

Every thought you’ve ever had, every emotion you’ve ever felt, every sunset you’ve ever marvelled over, every incredible thing you’ve ever learned…nothing more than chemistry and electricity.

But we can go further than that. One of my favourite books is ‘A short history of nearly everything’ by Bill Bryson. In the book he has a short passage that basically says that if we could pick you apart atom by atom we would end up with a pile of atomic dust, none of which had ever been alive but, all the same, all of which had been you. 

So what is life? How do we create it from this atomic dust, chemical soup and ability to generate electricity?

It’s when we put all these things together that magic happens.  It’s when this atomic dust learns the exact chemical soup to conduct the perfect electric dance that somewhere inside it comes together into something we experience as an image. A representation of the experiences of our sensory cells translated from a cacophony of light, sound and electrical resistance. 

This is our reality. And, when we learn that we are the machine, we can have control. 

Now that I am this far into this post I’ve realised I’ve opened a can of worms bigger than one post! Woops!

So here’s a wee temporary conclusion before we come back to it tomorrow – you are in charge of you. You are the machine. Put the right things in, get the right things out. So tonight and tomorrow, notice what happens if you take charge of your machine and only run pictures of what you want rather than what you don’t.   

You have been put in charge of some remarkable machinery. You owe it to yourself to drive it with care and precision 🙂

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