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I was at the carnival today with my kids. It was a great wee afternoon out and I enjoyed almost every ride I went on although my limits were much different than they would have been when I was younger.

I found it fascinating watching people (as I do!) going on these rides though. I was wondering to myself, what is it that makes it possible for us to deliberately place ourselves in such a surreal situation, our bodies and minds pushed to limits by fear, yet we laugh and scream at it and walk off to do it all over again?

I wonder if it is simply that we allow ourselves to completely accept that we are safe, that the machinery of the ride is designed to hold us in place, and that inner knowing means we can totally let go and simply enjoy the ride.

So tell me, how is that different from life? Is the machinery of this ‘ride’ not designed to hold you tight and keep you safe even when it feels like the scariest ride in the world? Haven’t you always made it through and walked out the other side? Your legs might have been like jelly and you might have wanted to throw up, but you made it!

So, how would it change life if we saw it more like the ultimate thrill ride rather than trying to turn it into a morning commute on the bus? Know that you are safe, your mind is designed to do whatever it needs to see you through. All you need to do is let it.

Scream if you want to go faster?

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