We also provide a range of Online Courses designed to give you incredible skills that you can learn at your own pace. Here’s our current course list and we are developing new ones all the time

Coaching Skills Mastery (NLP Life Coaching)

Developed with my friend, awesome NLP Trainer and business partner in The Scottish Centre of NLP, Steven Burns, Coaching Skills Mastery is an in-depth, thorough and fascinating course that can (and will) develop your coaching skills to a whole new level. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out on your journey or looking to consolidate an already growing set of coaching skills, this extensive, 18hr course is perfect for you.

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Pass Perfection; Using Your Mind to Pass Exams

One of my biggest passions is taking the pain out of school. That’s why I developed Pass Perfection; a series of 13 simple videos that explain the theory and practice of how to run your head to keep calm, take the information in easily and then, most importantly, get it out of your head and on to a page when the pressure is on.

Click the link below and take a look at how we can help you get more than you hope for at exam time. (Use the Code HEADSTRONGWEB and get the course for only £9.99)