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Here’s a crazy concept for you…thoughts cause feelings. I’ve rocked your world, haven’t I!? I can tell this was an amazing insight. Thank you, post over…

Nah, canny do it. This is a really, really important thing, I need to give you more.

I talk to many people who believe, for one reason or another, that it is possible for feelings to change of there own accord. ‘Boof’…just like magic your feelings change; it’s because of the weather, or my hormones, or my partner, or the government, or <fill in name of external source here>. But this just isn’t possible. Sorry.

Thoughts cause feelings. Not things.

Here’s an experiment. Hold a special image in your mind of the person you love the most with a smile on their face…while thinking of that image, try and feel rubbish. It can’t work and that’s my point.

The weather, the government, the hormones, whatever it is, they are like a magnifying glass. They don’t create the negative thoughts, they find already negative thoughts and then help you blow them right out of proportion. But the thoughts were already there. Does that make sense?

And here’s the cool bit. Have you ever tried to hold a magnifying glass over nothing? Amazingly, nothing gets magnified! What I’m saying is, get rid of the underlying thoughts then the weather, the hormones, the whatever will have no effect on you whatsoever.

Sometimes pointing the finger at something else makes it seem easier. Absolving yourself of responsibility for how you feel can do. But it’s temporary and, to be honest, it’s more hiding than dealing.

The second you start realising that it is you (and your thoughts) that are causing these feelings is the moment you take control back of your life. Next time you feel a ‘moment of darkness’ happening, pay attention but not to what’s ‘out there’ but to what you see in your mind. You can change your inside much easier than you can change your outside. Promise.

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