“I actually feel quite drunk, high on life.”

“Was really powerful.  Amazing.  Inspiring Stuff.”

Is it really possible to completely transform your life in one day?

Let us tell you the truth…NO, it isn’t.

But it is absolutely possible to begin transforming your life in one day, especially once you get shown how to use the most amazing mind changing tools available by two of Scotland’s top change experts.

The Personal Transformation Day has been running for five years and regularly attracts many people who are interested in all areas of change, in the process of change and how to make change happen easily.

It is a day of…erm…change!

The day focuses on a key element for anyone looking to transform their life; Building and Maintaining Positive States. And to do that we use the incredible power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

We answer some of the key questions people have as they contemplate dipping their toes into this amazing world;

  • How do you change your emotional state, or the state of someone else, effortlessly? Is it really possible to take someone from stuck to motivated in only a few simple steps?
  • How do you manage stress and being overwhelmed? Is there a simple way to use the mind to stop this socially accepted, physically damaging cycle of overwork, hyper-alert, stress and anxiety?
  • How do you know if your happy? What does that even mean? Does anyone have a proper definition of what happiness is and even if they did would that apply to you?

We want as many people to be able to get access to these tools as possible and that’s why we make sure that we offer as many of the tickets for this day at a price almost anyone can afford.

We are not the gatekeepers of this information, storing it and hiding it away and offering only to reveal the secrets to a chosen few.  Everyone that comes on PTD, whether you choose to continue your journey into NLP and Change with us or not, will leave with incredible and life changing insights into how easy it is to feel more positive, manage your own stress and live a life that fulfils and keeps you happy.


Get in quick!  The price at the moment for this full day of learning is only £20!!


To book please get your tickets below and one of the team will be in touch provide you everything you need know to make the absolute most of your day.

Please note: Personal Transformation Day is delivered as our sister company The Scottish Centre of NLP and we promise any emails from them, especially the lovely Allison, are OK to respond to!