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On Tuesday I became an uncle again to baby Liam and, as I sat in the hospital holding him in my arms at only hours old, it reminded me of something I say to many people.

Isn’t it amazing to think that, at one point in your life, anything (well, almost anything) was possible. Your mind was, essentially, a blank sheet, waiting for information and teaching.

This is where baby Liam is at right now, isn’t that exciting!!? A blank sheet.

Now, he’s already started learning. In fact he’s a learning machine. I won’t be jumping in there with physics or calculus quite yet or even the intricacies of leading a life of confidence but it is crazy to think that he’s already soaking up the world around him and his mind is, and has been for a wee while, working out his way around the world.

But here’s a wee thing for you; this was you once upon a time. You were once open to near infinite possibility, wide eyed and expectant. There was a point in your life you didn’t doubt yourself, you accepted the way you looked, you trusted your own instinct and you believed you could be anything you wanted to be.

So what the hell happened to you?! (I have to put in my usual wee caveat here; many people reading this will never have lost the ability to wonder and enjoy the world. Please, I insist, keep being you and never stop. The rest of this post is not for you, it’s for the people that think you’re mental.)

Ok, back to it, I’m not suggesting for a second you unlearn everything you have learned (that could get messy and lose you friends), but ask yourself, when was it you lost your childlike ability to dream and aspire to be more than you are? When was it you decided not to be open and able to trust and love? When was it you became so goddam serious?

Wee baby Liam is still, at only 2 days old, a blank canvas. But he won’t stay like that forever and it’s up to everyone around him to make sure he always holds on to his dreams until he can look after them all by himself. That day will be here sooner than we think. We don’t have much time to make sure he knows how awesome he can be.

As for you, you can still be awesome too! So why don’t you go into that dusty corner and bring some of your dreams back out again? You’ve not played with them in ages. Never know, you might even enjoy it 😉

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