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So I’m sitting at some traffic lights today, as you do, and I notice a paramedic down a wee side street, sitting in his cool ambulance car thing reading his newspaper. He looked completely chilled out; just a guy, reading his paper, sitting in a car. I was thinking about how he explains his day to whoever he explains his day too when he gets home. What things has he seen? Has he saved a life? Has he been there just too late or got there in the nick of time? Just before my lights changed, his lights went on, you could see the look on his face change to complete auto pilot and he was away. My thoughts wondering where he went and what happened next have stuck with me all day.

It’s crazy to think how life can change in minutes, sometimes even seconds and how, when it changes, we are often required to change in a heartbeat, to alter who we are, to dig deep inside us and just do what we do best, often without thinking.

And there, in that wee nutshell, is one of the things I believe is a critical key to success; the art of not thinking.

We are at our best when we allow our unconscious knowledge to lead us, to allow ourselves to enter into the zone, just like the paramedic did, and simply let all our skills, expertise and talent to take over, letting it flow through us without the filter of ‘is this right’ or ‘what if I f&ck this up’ or whatever other words you use to describe the possibility of it all going tits up. It’s such a powerful place to live, like a mental martial art, truly responsive to whatever life throws at you and adapting for the best result second by second by second.

It’s just a thought about not having thoughts. What would you be capable of if you truly accepted and embraced your talent without your over analytical filters? Who are you, or who do you become, when the sirens go on? And how would life change if you had access to that ‘you’ all the time?

You don’t need it to be an emergency to be your best. You can do that today, just don’t think about it before you do it.

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