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One of the most common issues I help people overcome is the belief that they aren’t good enough.  It’s remarkably common, you are definitely not the only one! 😉

It’s amazing the power of that little statement; “I’m not good enough”. But here’s a question you might never have asked…who says?

I mean who is it that is judging you? Who is it you are judging yourself against for that matter?  If you are really not good enough then you must have a benchmark, something to compare yourself against. And that’s where the problem starts.

What I find people do is they compare themselves to perfection. An idealistic imagining of someone who never makes a mistake, never gets stressed or anxious, takes life in their stride and smiles every day as they wallow in the abundance of every wonderful thing life brings.

This person doesn’t exist.  For anyone.

The fact is that it is by making mistakes and being able to accept them, learn from them and develop because of them that we become good enough.  Without mistakes we can never get better, does that make sense? How can you improve on perfection? If you were already perfect then you’d already know everything there was to know. But you don’t. No one does.

I came up with a wee phrase earlier today that promoted today’s post; ‘the only person you ever have to impress is yourself’. I think that little saying sums it all up really. If you can impress yourself at least once a day that must mean you are pushing yourself just that little bit further than you went last time.  Why? Because, as people, we are rarely impressed by witnessing people (including ourselves) doing something we already know they can do!

You can never be anything else but good enough.  It’s your comparisons that don’t work, not you. Go out and aim to impress yourself just once every single day. Do that and the you’ll quickly find just how good you can be.

Be special.

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