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It’s funny how we sometimes think its easier to settle for second best than to actually get inside and sort out our own heads isn’t it?

Today was my third session with a client well into her 70s and I have managed to help her from anxiety to unlocking her sense of humour and I am hopeful that in the next couple of days I will hear that we have her going outside without being terrified of falling or ending up in hospital.

Why do I tell you this? Because this lovely lady’s two daughters believe their mum has now reached a stage in life where she should be happy with her lot. She should accept her anxiety and just be content to see out the rest of her days locked in her house and enjoying the fact she’s still breathing.

And this is what we do isn’t it. When we don’t understand something, when something confuses or concerns us, it can often seem easier to just look the other way and hope that we can take our minds off it. It’s the emotional equivalent of hiding behind a cushion when the scary bit of the movie comes on! You’re still terrified but you think if you don’t look it will be better!!

Settling for second best feels like a way out, an escape from fear but it’s not really is it? It is actually about giving in to fear, hiding from the things that scare you and believing you simply don’t deserve better. But let me tell you…you do deserve better.

You deserve the best from life but to get it you have to believe you deserve the best, you have to face the things that scare you until you scare them and you have to stand up, be strong, stare the work in the face and say ‘come ahead ya pure bandit’ [Glaswegian trans: world, do your best. I am ready]. It’s the only way.

Life is about taking chances. When are you going to take yours?

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