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Someone posted something really cool on my Facebook earlier and It really struck a chord. I’ve dine a wee bit of investigation and found out it is actually quite a common thought but I’m crediting it to Lesley Anne cos she introduced me to it (she knows who she is).

The thought is – the opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy. We could argue the semantics of this all night but I want you just to think about it as a concept (its a bit like time travel, think about it too hard it doesn’t work, just enjoy the ride)

This is something I often talk about to clients (I’ve never out it so succinctly though!). When someone sits and tells me they are of someone while crying about the fact the other pain has gone and started a new relationship, it doesn’t take much to point out how not over them they actually are!

Hate requires thought and feeling and is often the shortest route to convincing yourself you don’t care. When actually, somewhere inside, you know you do. Apathy on the other hand suggests such a lack of concern as to point to that person or thing taking up very little, if any, of your head or heart space. This, for me, is when you are truly ‘over it’.

I realise on reading this back this can sound quite cold so let me caveat it with this; when I think of those that I have loved and lost or given up, I care enough to genuinely wish that they are happy and well however their results do not concern or affect my life, my choices or my feelings today. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks Lesley Anne, good thinking today and thanks for the inspiration

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