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A quick thought for a Monday; I find it endlessly interesting to watch how our own actions cause ripples throughout our lives yet, often, we are totally oblivious to the way that the waves we keep experiencing are just lots of ripples all converging together in the one place.

We imagine life as an endlessly chaotic thing, sometimes even spiralling out of control, but often, when we track back the causes of our problems we find they all end (or begin depending on the ways you look at it) in the same place. Sometimes exactly the same place.

Vilfredo Pareto is partially famous for a principle that was named after him due to the fact he observed, at the turn of the last century, 80% of Italy was owned by just 20% of Italians. It is now called the 80/20 rule and is applied in many places as a general albeit woolly rule!

I’m starting to realise that this principle, woolly or not, might just apply to us too. What if just 20% of your experiences are responsible for 80% of the ripples that wash up on your shore?

Maybe life isn’t as chaotic as it seems. Maybe, just by addressing, noticing and dealing with those few things that happened, way back when, we can make sure any ripples that bump onto our shore are happy ones, with wee white tops, that we can jump over and splash about in.

Now, wouldn’t it be cool to have waves lapping at your toes rather than crashing on your shore? Well, lets go sailing shall we? Lets find out where the whole thing starts…

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