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Our lives are a never ending set of choices. Some of these choices are easy, some of them are ridiculously tough but, no matter what, those choices continue to arise and give us opportunities to make our lives go one way or another.

But what makes the difference? What is it that means some people will choose a path of success and achievement whereas others will choose a path of mediocrity and survival?

There are many things but let me give you one of the most vital. It comes down to your ability to handle fear.

You see there are two ways to handle fear. Commonly we cal them ‘fight’ or ‘flight’; in other words do we face the fear and run headlong into it or do we see the fear, drop everything and run from it as fast as our legs will carry us!

My experience is that our ability to handle fear will be directly related to the amount of success we will create in our lives. Those that routinely run or hide from fear will rarely find themselves in a situation where the stakes are high (or if they do they will get out of it quickly) and this means they never really leave that internally constructed boundary we call a ‘comfort zone’.

Your comfort zone, and I’ve written about this before, is merely a set of internal rules that define the things you know you can do without fear. But it’s that wee end bit that’s important. You see, this means the only way to make your comfort zone bigger is to go beyond its boundary. To go into the fear.

This is the place that those that grab opportunity will go to. They will go into that fear, sometimes even when they do not know what is on the other side. Have you ever had the opportunity to do one of those games where you put your hand in a box when you can’t see what’s in it? It’s a bit like a life equivalent of that! But every time they do, every time they put their hand in the box, every time they put a foot outside their boundary, they grow. And as they grow more and more becomes possible.

Some people are happy for life to just be the same, a wee safe journey from beginning to end, where everything that happens is expected and comfortable. That works for some.

For others life is about opportunity. About grabbing this one chance with both hands, wasting no time and pushing themselves every day.

I suppose I could finish this by saying again, life is about choices. So, which do you choose? To put your hand in the box or stand and watch while everyone else does?

Oooh, there could be anything in there…

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