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One For The Weekend:

What is your truth? What do you believe in? What do you know about the things you are passionate about and interested in? Who are you?

Now, how often do you speak it with pride?

I meet a lot of people, and I know some will be reading this, who worry more about what other people think than what they think and it stops them truly allowing themselves to, well, be themselves.

What the hell are you hiding for? Who are you hiding from?

Your truth is your truth. You are who you are. You should be proud of who you are. You’ve been through a lot to become you. You’ve worked hard to be the person you are today. So why do you put so much effort into being a safe, people pleasing version of yourself?

This won’t apply to everyone reading this. Many people reading this will be wanting to show this to the person they know that fits this bill. Many people reading this will be entirely comfortable with who they are. I commend and salute you. You can help many people by simply doing what you do and continuing to be true to yourself.

For everyone else, you need to realise that everything you believe about who the world wants you to be is, more than likely, complete bollocks. The world doesn’t want you to be anything. Other people are all too wrapped up in their own personal crap to be concerned with who you are today. In fact, the people closest to you, already see through it all and are probably just frustrated that you don’t show the same pride in ‘you’ that they do.

Life is to short to hide. Speak your truth, it’s the only truth you will ever really know. Stand up and be proud of who you are today, be accepting of who you were yesterday and be committed to being even more tomorrow.

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