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It’s Friday night so I thought it a suitable time for a musical interlude.

We all have at least one special tune, don’t we?   You know that piece of music that, for one reason or another, means more to us than any other.  Doesn’t matter where or when you hear it, you recognise it from its first few notes and are instantly taken to a place far from where you are.

So tonight I ask you to indulge yourself.  Go and find the most special song on you tube or wherever, switch off whatever else you are doing and just listen.  Close your eyes if you want to and allow yourself to be transported to wherever it is.

Remember how this feels.  This feeling lives inside you every day.

Here’s mine.  The song that was played for the first dance at my wedding.  Never has a song been more appropriate (and still makes me well up every time I hear it!).  Love to Sheena…

If you’re right into it, post the link below to your tune and let everyone else have a listen too!  No story required but it is welcomed.

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