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I find it interesting that the basis of both anxiety and dream is ‘what if…’. The difference is the filter the question is asked through.

The anxious person asks ‘what if…’ and imagines the worst possible outcome, the dreamer asks ‘what if…’ and imagines the best.

The question is, how do you change your filter from seeing the worst to seeing the best?

Its actually quite simple; one don’t and one do;

DON’T try and do it while you’re seeing the worst! When you’re already anxious that’s the worst time to try and convince yourself the world is full of strawberries, primroses and pixie dust.

DO spend time in the moments of calm, of peace and of happiness asking ‘what if…’ and then, and this is the critical part, do something about it. A dream only dreamt is a fantasy, a dream followed by action will become reality (I just came up with that. Someone put that on a hazy picture of a sunset with my name on it! I’ve came up with Facebook quote gold!!).

Sweet dreams 🙂

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