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Forgiveness. It’s a word we hear many times but how many of us really practice it?

In my book, forgiveness is absolute. There are no shades of grey (stop it!) in forgiveness. You can forgive a little bit in theory but why bother? What does it mean to forgive a little bit? “I’ve assessed what you’ve done and decided that I’ll now only be 40-60% as pissed off with you as I was before.” Hmmm, see what I mean?

If you’re going to do it, go all the way. Why stop before you’re really finished?

I know, it’s sometimes a huge ask. What happened was crap/horrible/hurtful but ask yourself, who is being hurt the most now by you holding on to all that resentment/hurt/sadness or whatever it is for you? This isn’t about saying what happened was ok or right, it’s about freeing yourself from living with that emotional burden inside you. Can’t you feel it’s weight? It darkens your life and I know you can feel it. You don’t need it there and forgiveness makes it go away.

Think about it, how much would your life be improved right now if you just chose to forgive? Imagine being free of all that stuff…doesn’t it make you just want to take a big deep breath?

Here’s to a life of freedom, where your emotions are light and under your management. It takes courage to be better and I know you have that courage.

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