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So, its Mental Health Week here in the UK and, when I was listening to the radio tonight on the way home from the Practitioner Course, they were talking about depression. To be quite honest with you, it was ruddy depressing.

I am consistently amazed at how readily people just accept that they are broken. The theme of tonight’s phone in was generally “That’s it, I’m depressed, there is now fu€k all that can be done for me bar medicate me and send me to a psychologist. My life is now destined to be a constant battle against an encroaching darkness over which I have no control”

This is simply, 100%,totally, completely, categorically and emphatically, bollock$.

I want the world to hear this message; do not accept that you are broken just because you are depressed. You don’t have mental health issues, you have emotional health issues. There is nothing at all wrong with your brain or your mind. That part of you is working perfectly. It is definitely not working the way you want it to, but it is working. You need to know that you have everything you need to beat this and you can see brightness again.

Depression is not a thing. It is not an illness. It is not a disease. It is a process of thoughts that people are unconsciously active in. The memories of the past, twisted, bloated and distorted, bending and twisting the thoughts of today.

Is there a chemical foundation to it? Yes, there is. Your thoughts are all chemical and electrical so your thoughts will affect the chemistry of your body and mind. Does that make it an illness or disease? No. It makes it thoughts (if you think about chewing a lemon it will change your body chemistry too).

But my mum/dad/granny/auntie Jemima head depression so it runs in my family, so I inherited it. Nope, you didn’t. What you may have done is learned it as a behaviour or perhaps you just came up with it yourself. Your hair colour may be genetic but your ability to handle the sh!t life chucks at you sometimes is learned.

I don’t want to be flippant here. Depression is a dark and lonely place and is something I know people would stop if they knew how. It makes people do crazy things and the intense numbness can be truly debilitating. But while we continue to buy into an illusion that depression means we are broken we give up all our power to change and get life back on track.

In my opinion, the ‘broken’ mindset is a bigger problem than the depression. People can beat depression relatively easily. I am fortunate to witness that on a very, very frequent basis. But until you beat that mindset, you’re trapped.

If you are currently doing depression please trust me, you are not broken, you are not diseased, you are not cursed. Refuse to accept that you are anything less than totally deserving of the life you want and commit to yourself to fight and to fight hard to get that life.

And the first step in your recovery?

Well, if you decide you are totally deserving of that life and commit to fight, you’ve already made it. Well done!!

Now, if you’re truly ready to keep fighting, it’s now time to decide what’s next…

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