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So today my kids embarked on new adventures. Jodie, my oldest at 13, went on her first substantial school trip on a 24hr round trip to a theme park in England and at this very moment Amy, 11, has attended her school dance to celebrate the move to high school and is now being driven around Glasgow in a pink limousine! It’s been quite a day for both of them I’m sure. I’m now sitting here waiting to hear all the amazing details.

Everything evolves and moves. Nothing stands still. It can sometimes seem like time is static but it’s not. We get older (in fact, it is a fact that you are older now than you were when you started reading this!) and time moves forward without ever looking back.

So why don’t we? Why do we try and hold onto the past, wanting all things to just stay the same? We waste time wanting to be the ‘old me’ again and never fully embracing the chance to be someone new. We mourn the loss of our children’s innocence when we should be celebrating their independence. We look in the mirror and curse the signs of our ageing rather than wallowing in our experience and learning.

My kids are growing and evolving every day, as am I. Our culture has developed a fear of a fundamental law of nature, time. It’s the equivalent of starting a campaign to complain about the colour of the sky. Its pointless. There is nothing you can do.

Time moves forward. Never back. Do you?

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