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Today is my birthday and, as I turn the grand old age of 40, I find myself strangely excited! A lot of people have passed the usual jokes about it being scary and getting decrepit(!) but here I am, sitting with a glass of wine, writing a blog entry, feeling contented and not in the least scared by my advancing years, ailed by failing memory or feeling particularly 40!

You see it’s not that ‘age is just a number’ or any of those other tired clich├ęs, its more that I believe age marks a significant and notable passing of time but it is the age of your spirit that defines you.

I’ve met people who are only just older than me yet they looked old enough to have been my Dad!! I’ve also met countless people who, when they tell me their age, you could pick me up off the floor with how amazing they look. It is the age of the spirit that we see on the outside, not the age of the person (can I add here that by ‘spirit’ I mean whatever you want it to mean and what it means to me isn’t important).

I hope my spirit never grows ‘old’. I want it to stay fresh and current while it matures with knowledge and experience. I want it to keep dancing to techno. I want it to have adventure and do the occasional risky thing. I want it to enjoy the passing of time watching those I love and care for grow in their own way. And because I want it, it’s simply up to me to keep dancing, keep moving and keep keeping it that way.

There’s one last thing about all of this, the great thing about spirit (whatever that actually is) is that, unlike your physical body, your spirit can get younger. All you need to do is let it be.

Happy Birthday to me and a spirit of youthful adventure.

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