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I’ve been noticing a bizarre linguistic phenomena recently. I’ve called it the ‘yeah, no…’ and, I’m totally unsure as to what it’s purpose is!

Here’s an example;

“Tell me, is blue your favourite colour?”
“Yeah, no, I mean I really like blue but I also like red”

That was not the fecking question. The answer is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, not both!!

It’s ruddy everywhere. Clients are saying it, it’s on the telly (footballers being the biggest culprit), the radio (a politician said it the other afternoon), its everywhere!

I’ve decided that it’s the ultimate indecision in two words! I am imagining what happens in someone’s head when they do the ‘yeah, no…’ and I can only imagine that two pictures flash almost simultaneously and the person enters a state of temporary confused insanity where they are completely unaware what they think, lose all faith in their ability to know their own mind and the best bet is to therefore cover all bases!!

I’ve started a slightly annoying thing of not letting people away with ‘yeah, no…’ and asking people to confirm which it is. You’re not getting away with any half arsed answers with me! 😉

Anyway, have a look out for the ‘yeah, no…’ and, if you have been unfortunate enough to be afflicted, just stop it before I have to pull you up for it!

Yours in kindness and understanding


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