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I have a theory. I dunno if I’ve spoken about it here before but I was speaking about it yesterday and I find a lot of people relate to it. I’ve never named it, but maybe you can help with that! Here it goes…

As we grow up, stuff happens. Emotional stuff.  It tends to happen in two ways; the big ‘whack’ – something emotionally huge that belts you like being hit by a bus – or the ‘drip feed’ – something just keeps happening again and again and again and again…

I find that when these things happen, especially when we are growing up, somewhere in our head, a part of us stops and becomes stuck. When I say stops I mean stops, it never grows up. It is left inside being perpetually 8 years old (or whatever age the stuff really got you). A little child version of you locked inside you, scared, angry, sad or maybe guilty. 

You’ll recognise it. It’s the time you feel like a little boy or a little girl again even though you are now an adult. It’s the little you that still hurts when you think of it. It’s the you that you remember being before everything changed. 
So what do you do about it? Well, there are many things, but here’s just one. Imagine simply finding that younger you, give them a hug and telling them ‘it’s all ok now’. Give that part of you permission to grow up, to let go and realise its ok now to stop being scared, sad, angry or guilty. It’s time for all of you to grow up now. 

Find the part of you that got stuck and unstick it. You’ll be amazed how amazing it feels to be all the same age 🙂

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