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Righty oh, it’s tough love time. I’m delivering a course this weekend and one of the parts of it involves our amazing delegates telling us stories about things that have happened to them at any point in their lives. But this is raising a problem.

The problem isn’t the presentations or the speaking. Nope. The problem is our delegates accepting how amazing they are and the incredible things they know, have done, have seen and have experienced. This happened to me yesterday as well and is frankly happening so much I think this may be something that many people are affected by.

So, I have to ask, do you not have any idea how simply amazing you are? Do you have no idea how special, unique and incredible some of your experiences are? Do you just gloss over your stunning achievements dismissing them as just something you did?

You are f**king incredible. You, and I don’t know you personally, will have been a part of some incredible things but do you ever stop long enough to really, truly appreciate them?

Today we found people who have;
– done the biggest bungee jump in the world, “yeah, but noone would find that interesting” – WRONG! IT’S AMAZING!

– changed the face of all the worlds theme parks forever, “but it’s not really a story” – WRONG! IT’S AMAZING!

– had coincidental meetings with Glasgow friends on deserted islands 300 miles off the Gold Coast of Australia “it was just one of those things” – WRONG! IT’S AMAZING!

Do you not get it? You are special and the things you have done are special. You should be proud of everything, the ups and the downs.

Spend at least a few minutes of tonight enjoying the amazing things you have done. And then go do some more…

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