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A mate of mine said something to me a couple of weeks ago that really has resonated with me and I hope it resonates with you too.

“Life gets easier when you start letting them away with it”

It’s an interesting thought isn’t it? How much easier would your life be if you just simply let ‘them’ away with ‘it’? I mean, if you were to stop taking things personally, seeing every comment or misdemeanour as a personal attack, can you imagine how much head space that would free up?!

For many people the initial reaction is to say “yeah, but…” followed by many reasons why they shouldn’t let particular people away with what they have ‘done’ to them. But that proves the point does it not? Would that energy not be better spent elsewhere? What did the ‘yeah, but…’ get you? Correct. It got you piss all!!

The secret to making this work is understanding that it is your choice to either surround yourself with people that nourish you, support you and love you or to surround yourself with assholes. When assholes are assholes, you are entitled to let them away with their assholeness and then walk away. Don’t take it personally but don’t take it either.¬†

Life is easier when you start letting them away with it. Nothing is personal. You have the choice 

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