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You know that positive thinking stuff? Want my honest opinion? Lot of pish!! For most people, positive thinking is used as an excuse to lie to yourself while ignoring the things that are wrong in your life.

‘Yeah, my relationship fell apart and my heart lie shattered in a million pieces at my feet but I’m trying to think positive, you know…’ they say as they wipe away the tear.

‘I hate my job, every day is like walking barefoot through a field of nettles but I’m trying to think positive…’ they say as they proceed to bitch for 3 hours about their boss.

People who are truly happy don’t have to effort at positive thinking. That’s just a fact. I talk to loads of positive people and few of them ever would consider themselves positive thinkers.

Look, if you ever find yourself in a place in life where you need to consciously positive think, just know that it is time to put your full attention on the very thing you are attempting to ignore, deal with that thing and return to a place where your thoughts are effortlessly positive.

Positivity flows, it can’t be pushed.

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