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Here’s a bit of a weird concept for you… ready? What’s not your problem?

In our lives we all have challenges and things we believe to be true about ourselves, the world and the people and events around us. This is how we make sense of the world.

Life would be altogether more difficult if every morning you had to spend an hour or two reacquainting yourself with you are, what you believe and how the world works, wouldn’t it! Our minds take care of this by developing patterns of behaviour and thought and, for the most part, these patterns are massively useful. For instance –

You climb in your car and you drive without thinking about it. You know your route home and you travel it without thinking about it. You know where you work and you know what you like and you know what you don’t without thinking about it. This makes life easy. But what happens when we throw something that limits us into the mix and we begin to do that…without thinking about it.

Imagine for instance the popular belief ‘I’m not good enough’ (top of the West of Scotland Belief charts for the last 4 years but recently being pushed by up and coming ‘Nothing ever changes’!).

When someone begins to believe ‘I’m not good enough’, in this non-thinking way, you can start to believe its actually true. Never challenging it or pushing it. You hold yourself back from relationships, opportunity, promotion, excitement, friendship and all sorts of things and it feels totally natural to do. Why? Because that’s your pattern isn’t it? That’s what you do.

I want to just clarify at this point that this is true of any belief we have about ourselves, for example ‘I’m ugly’, ‘Nobody loves me’, ‘Life is hard’, ‘It’s all a conspiracy’, ‘I never smile anymore’, ‘ I can’t lose weight/exercise/eat healthy’… do I need to go on? We accept it as normal and we adapt to live life with it rather than fight it.

So, I ask you again to consider this, what isn’t your problem? I know that sounds a bit weird but really think about it.

By considering your life this way you can begin to notice the positive things that exist in your regular routines. You begin to become aware of the light rather the shadow, if that makes sense. And as you begin to become used to allowing the ‘light’ rather the ‘shadow’ to guide you, you’ll find the word gets brighter and brighter and brighter.

Sometimes it’s good to look outside your routine. I recommend asking yourself frequently to examine exactly what it is that you haven’t been paying attention to!

Never know what you might find.

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