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Have you ever noticed how every reaction and response you have has ‘edges’? This is especially apparent when we talk about our problems, challenges and issues but it happens everywhere with everything we do.

We sometimes feel as if our feelings and responses are random and have no cause but actually they are triggered by a specific set of criteria that your mind uses to define how and what it should do every minute of every day.

Spiders are a great example of everything so lets use them! So many people say they are scared of spiders when actually they are scared of a certain specific situation that contains a spider. Does that make sense? For instance, people are actually quite comfortable is the spider is on the opposite side of the room. They are still comfortable when its 6 feet away from them, still ok at 5 feet, 4 feet, 3 feet…FREAK OUT!!! The fear is actually of spiders that are within a specific radius of that person. The distance is what gives the problem ‘edges’ and the problem only exists within those edges.

It’s true of all our behaviour. In our relationships, careers, social lives, weight, driving, music, beliefs we have no random occurrences. Everything has edges, there is a place inside your mind that is problem. Then there is a place inside your mind, a bigger place, that’s not problem. The very fine line in between is the edge of your problem.

I suppose tonight’s post is more about awareness than anything else. It’s about understanding that you aren’t complex. It’s about realising that many of the things you think are big problems or issues actually aren’t because, when you pay attention, you realise that actually it takes a lot to fire them off. You just spend half your life running pictures in your head of what it will be like when it does!!

Go live on the right side of your edges. Enjoy life by living in whatever isn’t your problem rather than worrying about what is.

I think this post has gone deeper that I originally planned…

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