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When my wee (totally adorable) cocker spaniel Benji was a tiny puppy we used to let him out in the garden and put plant pots in front of the gate so he wouldn’t escape. The gate doesn’t lock properly (in fact, at all!) so a slight push and it would open. We were always worried he might work that out since he is also a clever dog when he wants to be. It was highly effective and never once did he get out.
He’s not so tiny anymore and, as the summer comes in, we can now let him back out into the garden on an almost full time basis again. But here’s the interesting thing, the plant pots aren’t there anymore yet he still stops where they were, never tries to get out and accepts that he is contained by the gate. If he just gave that gate a small nudge, he’d have freedom. Yet he never does. 

It’s easy to learn patterns that keep us trapped isn’t it? But surely we’re more intelligent than the dog, aren’t we? We’d never just simply accept an easily surmountable limitation on our freedom and ability to go where we want to go and do what we want do and not at least try to ‘push the gate’ and see if it would open. Would we?
Makes you think…
Go nudge the gate. You never know it might be open and, if it is, amazing things could happen.
Be amazing

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