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What’s your first answer to this question; Who are you?

This used to be the very first question of the BreakThrough Weekend and got some curious answers. I was out today doing a talk to some very lovely people and, as I came home, it popped into my head again. Who are you?

There are some typical answers to this question. Many people will answer with their job eg ‘I’m a plumber’ or whatever you do. But that’s not who you are though, is it? That’s what you do.

Some people will even answer with where they come from. But, again, that’s not who you are. That’s just where you come from.

Some people will tell you their ailments and illnesses eg ‘I’m a sufferer’. But again that’s not who you are. That’s something you are feeling.

There are many other answers (I used to be able to pick out the people that had done personal development courses before because they would tell me they are ‘the light of the universe’ or ‘a force of goodness and peace’!) but the interesting thing is what it does for us behaviourally.

People with similar identities tend to congregate. Football fans find each other don’t they? People with similar music taste go to the same clubs, business people gather at networking events, people who believe they are overweight go to slimming clubs, the list goes on. It sounds like an ‘of course they do Brian, where else would they go’. Well, loads of places! But they don’t. There is a comfort in being with people who share your ideals, beliefs and ultimately identity. Yet the question is whether or not the identity you gain through the things you do is Positive or not? I’ll leave that to you.

All I’ll say is that your job, your football team, your music, your place of birth, your house or even your current illness do not define who you are. Whatever your answer to that question is, I promise you, you are much, much more than that. And when you look inside and think about it, you’ll realise just how much more you are 🙂

Sweet dreams

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