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I know I use it now and again, as we all do, but I would like to state, for the record, I am not a huge fan of the word ‘should’.
For me the word ‘should’ implies a necessity, an internal rule or need, that rarely actually exists (what i mean is you don’t actually need to do it) and ‘should’ is a word I hear most often in two contexts;

– people who are bludgeoning their way through something, swimming against a tide, because they ‘should’ even though every fibre of their being is screaming at them ‘STOOOOOOOP’ or
– people who have found themselves completely stuck, paralysed by the million things they ‘should’ be doing using their ‘shoulds’ as a big metaphorical stick to beat themselves over the head with

So let me ask you, what are you doing in your life that you don’t want to but think you ‘should’?

Are you working to save a dead relationship just because you ‘should’? Are you spending time with people that suck your soul dry just because you ‘should’? Are you sticking out a job, a course, whatever just because…you get the message. Well, who the ruddy hell says you should? Who made this rule, this necessity that you live by? I bet it wasn’t you! So who was it? Where did it come from? And what would happen if you didn’t?

Its the same for the things you’re not doing but ‘should’. Who wrote this rule book that says you should feel bad because you’ve not X’d, Y’d or, god forbid, Z’d but you really should have? It’s total made up bollocks.

There is one thing I think you ‘should’ do in life. Just Be Yourself. I promise, when you do it, when you make your number 1 rule to live a life that makes you smile every day, you begin to make incredible choices. Choices that make you happy rather than serve a duty.

There are no rules to life. Any you have have been totally made up. So why the hell don’t you go out and break some just to see what happens? I think you should… 😉

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