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There is a popular wee saying across most sports that says ‘leave nothing on the field’. Basically an instruction to make sure you give everything you have, do everything you can and walk away knowing you did your absolute best.

For many things in life this adage is also true, isn’t it? We have all experienced regret when we walk away from something with the knowledge that we could have done more and pushed harder or when we walk away knowing that, for one reason or another, we have not been at our best.

So what about your life so far? Are you leaving anything on the field? Can you really say that, at this moment, you are playing full out and being your absolute best?

Every player has a bad game now and again, it’s not really feasible to be at 100% performance, 100% of the time (when you think about it we can’t even build machines that can do that) but champions don’t focus on that bad game. Champions pick themselves up, learn from it, leave it behind and commit that, the next time they are given the opportunity, they will, and here it comes again(!), leave nothing on the field.

Ok champ, the game starts now. Are you ready?

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