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I’ve been playing with an idea in my head for a while, I’ll share it with you and see where it goes!

It came from listening in on a conversation where people in a pub were criticising smokers outside the pub. It was interesting to hear one group of people taking one drug criticising another group of people taking another. Now, I’m not making a judgement on either pastime individually or the individual dangers of either, I let people choose to live the life they want, but it got me thinking about our ‘drugs of choice’.

I think we all have a ‘drug of choice’ and I’d even go as far as to say that some of us have a whole collection of them! But, I think because we maybe don’t recognise them as drugs, we think they are ok when actually they may be doing us harm.

As an example, we have the obvious ones, alcohol, tobacco, food, chocolate, sugar, you’ll have guessed these ones, but then we start getting into more ambiguous territory. How about these ‘drugs of choice’; work, exercise, socialising, dieting, being the victim, adulation, arguments, being sick, personal reassurance, being the best, being the worst, having a relationship, being single, driving fast, shopping…the list just goes on and on. I believe all these things act on our lives like drugs because it is all too easy to end up needing them rather than just simply enjoying them when they are there. Some of them are positive of course but all of them have the possibility of becoming problematic, and, most importantly, addictive.

Think about it, don’t you find that, depending on what the ‘drug’ is, people will get quite defensive about protecting and reassuring themselves that their particular drug of choice is ok, perhaps even good for them in some way. Find yourself a workaholic, there should be one nearby. Now, tell them you think they work too hard and that perhaps they are missing the best years of themselves and their family and watch what happens.

So, for just now, I ask you, what is your drug of choice? If you were really honest, what could you not give up even if you tried?

Not all drugs are bad for you but few drugs are ever designed to be taken permanently. For me, life is about always having choices. So, the way i see it, if you have no choice to say yes or no to something you do, if you must, then, in my book, you’re not choosing, you’re addicted!

It’s just an idea and I’m still forming it completely in my head but I think it has legs. Play with it, and if you’re hooked on something, I promise it becomes infinitely more fun when you choose to do it rather than when you have to do it.

Choose Life…

*[Glaswegian: trans – as a group of individuals there is a high likelihood you may be addicted to some form of drug, in my personal opinion of course]

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