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My Facebook lit up today with a stupendous little question; “If we are the builders and creators of our own universes, why do we sometimes butt up against problems that seem insurmountable?

Is it our subconscious guiding us away from something that may be damaging or have negative consequences in the future, or is that old adage of if you really want something you have to push and strive for it?”

It’s a fab question and one I’m sure we’ve all wondered from time to time, how do I stay positive when my world keeps slapping me in the dish?

I must add here that for a long time I believed that my world was my creation, I mean literally my creation. That my thoughts directly and literally affected my reality both good and bad, like karma but different. Now? I have given up on the belief that I have a literal affect on my world but I do accept that my thoughts and actions have an influence on my world simply because they define my attitude and my actions and those things are key to who I am and the results I create. With that said, lets keep going…

In my opinion few problems are insurmountable, its just as it says in the question, they can just ‘seem’ that way. I believe there is almost always a path, a way to get what you want, but to get it might mean taking a long way round or even pushing against something that just keeps pushing back.

My belief in how to work out when to go on and when to stop and do something else? Just weigh up the pros and cons. Is it worth fighting for? Really? If it is, if it is truly worth it, then find a way.

In saying that, there are sometimes things that, for one reason or another, are just outwith your control and you need to accept, however incredibly tough that might be. I can take great courage to stop pushing for something you really want, to accept that it is not going to happen (at least not straight away).

But before we get to that stage, I say, if it is something you really want keep looking for a way. It might be that the path isn’t immediately clear but it is there. When you find it, you just have to choose if it’s worth following.

Have the courage to follow the right path, wherever it takes you. Happy wanderings.

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