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Do you try and work out your personal challenges and problems? No, I mean, do you try and literally ‘work‘ out your personal challenges and problems?

For the most part our personal stuff is emotionally based (we could argue it all is but that’s for another post, for just now let’s content ourselves with ‘most’).  Yet, our default, and very western, approach is to try and fix it. To logic it out; ‘this thing is broken and I will fix it’ even when this ‘thing’ is our relationship, our moods or our emotional well being.  

This is what I mean by ‘work‘ it out. We approach our problems and challenges like they are a malfunctioning computer system, a failure to meet your target or a breach of terms and conditions. We look to project manage our way out of them, quoting logical reasons why it shouldn’t be like this ‘sorry [insert name of partner here], due to your failure to meet my standards of care you have been given a C grade and the following requirements must be met within the next appraisal period or, with regret, you are dumped, pal’. 

Our problems and challenges can’t be logic-ed (new word, my blog!) out, they need to be felt, acknowledged and addressed as emotional beings. Not as  project managers!
You can’t change your life with a bullet pointed list. 

You change your life by taking action to change the things you aren’t happy with and by accepting that life will, undoubtedly, deliver you both ups and downs and that fighting these or thinking you can control them will only lead you to a world of hurt.

You are an emotion machine. You have been made this way. There are no terms and conditions, there is just life. Start living it that way it was designed to be lived. 

Let loose, smile, cry, laugh, blush. The world becomes more fun when you do…

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