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Do you know how to spot a tourist? Do you know how you can easily spot them in a crowd of ‘natives’?

Before I come on to that, here’s a wee opinion; I think one of the main reasons people procrastinate and lack motivation is because they haven’t realised yet that everything that is happening now has a purpose.

I don’t mean some big, fancy pants universal purpose. I’m not getting as grand as that. I simply mean that what you are doing now (and, can I add, what you were doing then) is, in someway, serving you, helping you and can, if you let it, push you towards something bigger, better and brighter.

Perhaps if you want to find out a reason why you should, you need to stop staring at your own feet. It’s difficult to see where you’re heading when all you see are your own shoes. Make sense?

That’s how tourists are different from the natives, by the way. They look up. And, can I add, it’s because they look up, they get to see all the things you don’t.

Open top bus tour anyone?

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